How Bill Got 79 Cash-Flowing Apartment Buildings in 7 Years... and How You Can Get One in 3 Days


You Read That Right!

My partner (and former student), Bill Walston, is averaging 11 apartment deals a YEAR! Here's your chance to work with us personally to become the next commercial investing success story.

From the desk of Susan Lassiter-Lyons
Rancho Mirage, CA

Are you a real estate investor looking to advance to commercial investing this year?

Maybe you’ve struggled to make something happen with single family investing but haven’t been able to get it quite dialed in.

I get it.

Trying to build a cash-flowing portfolio of properties one house at a time is a long, drawn out haul.

But what if there was a way you could acquire up to 300 units in one  YEAR?

And what if those units required no upfront cash, no credit, no risk and no previous commercial investing experience?

Sound interesting?

The Solution is Master Lease Options

Master Lease Options (or MLO for short) is a way that many of us have transitioned to commercial investing without having to take on much risk or have a bazillion dollars at our disposal.

With master lease options we control commercial investment properties (without ownership), increase the value, outsource the management and pocket a minimum of $50 per door every single month.

Hi, I'm Susan Lassiter-Lyons and I didn’t just magically become one of the nation’s most successful investors overnight.

Nope, I actually got my start in the business world back when I was 19 years old working for Hertz Rent-a-Car where I worked my way up the corporate ladder.

It was a dull and unfulfilling life.

In 1994, I was the “national sales trainer”… (sounds glamorous, right?).

Well, all it really meant was I got to live out of a suitcase for 3 WEEKS a month… I’d pack up and leave on a Sunday night… spend the week at a hotel (ALONE)… and come back on Friday night.

It was no way to live… but hidden in my misery was a gift… Those long nights alone in my hotel room gave me PLENTY of time to consider my next step… and to study.

I Studied Everything I Could Get My Hands On About Real Estate Investing

I knew it was my ticket to giving my inner entrepreneur the opportunity to break out and find that financial freedom I was looking for.

I studied every single strategy that I could get a hold of… trying to find the one that was the right fit for me and my goals.

And then I finally took the plunge and quit Hertz, moved back to my home in Colorado to pursue real estate full-time.

My first REAL breakthrough happened when I started investing in MULTIFAMILY properties.

I don’t know about you, but single-family homes didn’t provide a lot of security for me.

If the unit was vacant, it meant negative cash flow on the property… that is until I could somehow find a tenant!

There were also all those headaches dealing individually with tenants on repairs and rent.


I hated managing tenants – so I don't. (More on that in a minute)

But with multifamily properties (5 units and up) you can afford to have part of the property vacant… and STILL have positive cash flow each month.

Multiple units also result in a higher monthly operating income from the property.

Which means you can hire a property manager to do all your ‘dirty work’ for you.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking…

“How the Heck Do You Make Money From Apartment Buildings You Don't Even Own Without Any Experience, Cash, Credit or Risk?”

The answer (again) is… Master Lease Options.

It’s the very method that I used to cross over to multifamily investing from single family investing.

And it's the same system I taught Bill Walston 7 years ago. Yep, the same Bill that I mentioned above who has done 79 of these master lease deals since 2011.

That's not a typo… Bill has acquired 79 multifamily properties in the last 7 years.

The 6-Step MLO Process Is Simple

Here's what it looks like...

Find the Property

Using simple, free marketing strategies you find a small commercial property to take over via a "master lease."

Become the Master Tenant

Collect the rent from the tenants and take over responsibility for management of the property.

Outsource the Management

Manage the property management company, not the tenants. 

Increase the Value

Increase the value of the property by increasing the income and/or decreasing the expenses and pocket the difference.

Negotiate a Purchase Option

Negotiate an option to buy the property at a later date (you can buy it OR flip it for a BIG payday!)

Control & Profit

Now you have gained control of (and profit from) a commercial property... without paying one red cent out of pocket.

Making MONEY With Master Lease Options is Even Simpler!

Once you get a master lease option in place all you have to do is generate some extra income to increase the value of the property.

You raise rent or bill back utilities to the tenants…

Then YOU collect the spread and pocket the increase in equity when you exercise your option!

Show Me the Money

Let’s run some hypothetical numbers on a 15-unit apartment building.

Current Annual Income: $100,000
Current Annual Expenses: $45,000
Current Net Operating Income: $55,000

You come in and increase the income by 20% (using methods I’ll tell you about when we're together) and…

New Annual Income: $120,000
New Annual Expenses: $45,000
New Net Operating Income: $75,000

That’s a difference (or spread) of $20,000 a year.

And that goes IN YOUR POCKET as the “master tenant.”

That’s cash.

What about equity?

The cool thing about commercial properties (unlike residential) is that their VALUE is tied directly to their INCOME.

So any increase in income has an exponential increase in value.

Same example…

Let’s say the market capitalization (CAP rate) is 8%.

We can easily determine the value of the property using this simple formula:

Property Value = Net Operating Income/ Capitalization Rate

So, before you worked your magic, the value was…

$55,000/8% = $687,500

And let’s say that’s what your option to purchase price is.

But after you worked our magic, the value has increased…

$75,000/8% = $937,500

What the what?!

You have just increased the EQUITY on the property by $250,000!

So, one relatively small apartment deal – say 15 units – has NETTED you $20,000 a year profit and $250,000 in equity.

Sound good?

What if you did that 79 times in 7 years?

That's sexy, am I right?


So, What's the Catch?

The biggest mistake I see people make in MLO investing is complicating a very simple process.

Or playing the “what if” game – inventing hypothetical problems and trying to solve them.

Don't do that.

**Remember, we are master TENANTS of the property, not owners (yet) so we avoid the risk and expense of traditional ownership**

Probably the coolest thing about master lease option investing (if it could possibly be any cooler) is that acquiring commercial investment properties is fast.

I’ve purchased apartment buildings the ‘traditional’ way and the time it takes to get to the closing table averages more than 90 days.

That’s 3 months to closing!

With MLO, because we are signing a lease and negotiating an option, we can get these deals done in a matter of DAYS!

How cool will it be to do a deal like this every month and control 300 units in ONE year?

Imagine how your life will change in just a matter of days when you’re a commercial investor – controlling and profiting from cash-flowing properties you don’t even own to the tune of $50 per unit PROFIT (up to $15,000 a month by the end of the year)…

… every single month.

Look, I didn’t master this process overnight.

It took me years to develop this system.

Lots of trial and error to get the exact processes in place on my own master lease option deals (now I have 740 multifamily units in my portfolio) so that I could share it with students like Bill who took it and ran with it.

Bill is an average guy. Just a little better looking. ;-)

And like a lot of us, he struggled for a while to find his “place” in the real estate world.

Before Bill jumped into the real estate game he was a successful CPA, who specialized in helping real estate professionals structure their taxes and businesses.

And it didn’t take long before Bill started to notice that many of the investors he was helping were making much more money than he was as a CPA.

That’s when Bill started to do deals in the single-family home market…and even though he was doing some deals he found himself constantly struggling with how to make the jump into the big profit commercial world without taking a huge RISK.

He’d been to all the seminars, workshops and webinars…

But he never found a strategy that seemed realistic or do-able without a ton of previous contacts, cash on hand, or both.

And then a few years ago right at the height of Bill's frustration with the single-family real estate market, he started searching…

Searching for a more predictable income generator

For the ability to make BIGGER money with less work.

For a way to get involved in commercial real estate WITHOUT needing CASH or CREDIT… without ever having done a commercial deal before...

That’s When Bill Found Me.

And I shared my 5 steps for making money in today’s marketplace using the Master Lease Option Strategy with him.

And before I tell you what happened next, it’s important for you to understand that Bill is no different than you.

A few years back he was sitting right where you are now….

Staring at his computer looking for an answer…willing to do what was needed for himself and his family.

He just needed to know that whatever he chose to do next, it was going to work.

And work FAST!

Using my exact system, Bill has closed 79 MLO deals in the last 7 years.

He’s closed deals in multiple areas of the country from his home office (all outside his local area).

He owns properties as big as 20 units and as small as 4 units and best of all?

He works less than 25 hours a week.

And Bill and I aren’t the only ones having success with this system…

Thanks to your system, I did a Master Lease Option on a 16-unit near a college campus that this man had with only 5 units rented. In 2 months time we have filled 15 of the 16 units and have an application for the last one. Woo hoo! 

Patricia Dayton

I can’t believe I am already working on my first two deals! This is really working for me. Thanks!

Toyin Dawodu

I got my first Master Lease Option accepted by the seller! We got an option for $3.1 million on a building with a recent appraisal of $3.5 million. With our value adds, we're set up for a nice $1.8 million profit on the back end and $24,500 PER MONTH in net income!!!!! WOW... I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I'm killing it with your MLO program. Thanks for the system it's one heck of a guideline for success.

Charles Key

Using your MLO training, I have recently taken over a small 16-unit building. I'm loving that I finally got into the business. The learning experience with implementation is life-changing and I have you to thank for that! So here is a big THANK YOU! My advice for anyone looking at this is to just do it! The training is right in front of you.

Donald Kelsey

The 4 Best Reasons to Start Investing in Cash Flow Properties Using the Master Lease Option Method

• With master lease options, you control and profit from commercial investment properties so that you get all of the upside potential with none of the risk of traditional ownership like coming up with down payments and dealing with banks.

• Is a great way to ‘try it before you buy it' so that you eliminate surprises after you close such as leaky roofs, inflated occupancy and other problems the owner might be hiding from you.

• Outsourcing the property management means you have no responsibility for the ‘day to day’ operation of the property so that you’re not dealing directly with tenants. You know, the proverbial toilets and trash, etc. Gross.

• The leverage that multifamily properties provide means that even in the event of a few vacancies, you’ll always have cash coming in – every month like clockwork.

Multifamily investing is hot right now and it’s only getting hotter…

The market is getting stronger by the day, vacancy rates are going down, and rent prices are increasing!

Take a look at a few of the real deals, Bill and I have done…

And now is a great time to mention that the Master Lease Option Method works on ANY commercial property with tenants.

So, that means you can lock down…

  • Apartment Buildings and Multifamily
  • Office Buildings
  • Self Storage
  • money
    Strip Malls
  • money
    Mobile Home Parks
  • money
  • money
    Retail Properties
  • money
  • money
    And more...

Ok, Susan, I Like What I Hear! What's My Next Step?

What I have for you is a very special, exclusive offer to make your dream of becoming a commercial investor a reality in just 3 DAYS.

I’m hosting a 3-day Master Lease Option Implementation Intensive for 10 action-takers Wednesday, September 5th through Friday, September 7th, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee.

This LIVE event will be different than anything you’ve ever been part of and here’s why…

1) We're working together ONE on ONE
Yes, that’s right you will work with Bill Walston and me PERSONALLY in Nashville to launch your commercial real estate empire.

2) This is an IMPLEMENTATION event.
Meaning you will be getting on the phone with sellers, crunching numbers, analyzing deals, submitting offers, and signing master lease and option agreements.

3) You will have all the tools, documents, scripts, guidance and support you need.
Bill and I are literally right beside you every step of the way. We are 100% focused on you closing deals.

Here’s Our Agenda

Seller Marketing

• “10 and 10” – Our proprietary system generates free leads daily from LoopNet (and CraigsList) complete with contact information you can plug into a free automated text and calling system to get immediate access to sellers AND quick responses. No big direct mail bill or waiting around for someone to call YOU.

• Listing Brokers – Usually brokers don’t like creative investing strategies since they get paid a commission only when the property actually sells. But our simple script positions you as a true resource to the broker helping save hard to move listings. Result? They love you and send you deals.

• Customized Leads Lists – scouring the public records for off-market properties is time-consuming and can be expensive. But our source gives you unlimited access to public records to order by geography, number of units, unit mix and more at a very low price per record. Like .07. Buy a gumball at the grocery store or get a lead on an apartment building… your call.

• Skip tracing – let’s face it, leads can be hit or miss. People move… change phone numbers and email addresses… what a pain for us stalkers er… I mean buyers. We work with an experienced real estate skip tracer who will do the research on these leads for you getting phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses and even Facebook and LinkedIn profile links all for .07 a record saving you thousands. Again… gumball.

• How to get sellers on the phone – Bill has a unique process of getting sellers on the phone even when the property is listed with a broker. Heck, Bill manages to get ME on the phone whenever he wants and I never even have my ringer turned on. Sneaky, sneaky.

• Seller scripts – never be at loss for words with our tested, word-for-word, credibility-boosting scripts. If you can read (you made it this far!) then you can talk to a seller like you’ve done it 1,000 times before.

• 1 on 1 live seller call coaching – getting on the phone with a seller can be nerve-wracking but we will be right beside you as your ‘partners’ stepping in when we need to. Don’t worry, we will have plenty of breath mints on hand while we’re hovering over your shoulder.

Deal Analysis

• Crunch those numbers – I had a custom software built to automate MLO deal evaluation and due diligence that you get for FREE when you attend. Know that feeling you get when you’re not quite sure if the numbers work? You won’t get that anymore.

• Profit increasers – Your profit on MLO deals comes from our ability to quickly increase the value of the property. We work together to identify ways to immediately increase the value and (and net cash flow) of the property. There are 10 that usually work super fast. Do all 10… do one… it’s all cash in your pocket. (Assuming that’s where you keep your cash).

Making Offers

• Preparing and submitting letters of intent – our exclusive software automatically prepares and generates letters of intent (LOI) on the fly saving you hours of work. If you can push a button (you’ll prove you can in a minute when you push the Submit Order button), you can create and submit a professional LOI.

• Preparing master lease agreements and option agreements – We will customize your master lease agreements and option agreements as fillable PDF’s so that they are fully automated, ready for e-signing in seconds and safely stored in the cloud for easy access. If that sounds complicated, don’t worry, it isn’t. Again, it all comes down to button pushing on your part.

Property Management

• You are not a property manager – repeat after me: I must always outsource to a property management firm. We will show you how to locate and interview affordable property management companies AND how to negotiate rates and fees. They don’t tell US what it costs to unclog a toilet, WE tell them!

• The famous ‘Flash Report’ – Your job is not to manage the properties, it is to manage the property manager. So you get a copy of Bill’s proprietary ‘Flash Report’ that his property managers submit weekly for his review. Quickly spot areas to increase income and reduce expenses putting more cash in your pocket (or wherever) every month.

Executing Your Option

• Becoming the owner – if you decide to take it to the next level and actually execute one of your option agreements, we will walk you through that process via a detailed process map so you never miss a step.

• Funding options – funding your commercial properties is never a problem with my funding strategies. I use private investment partners so that you control the rates and never have to go through a rigorous (and nerve-wracking) underwriting process. I’ll also show you how to get your down payment from the PROPERTY so you and your investment partners never even have to come up with any cash to close.

• Flipping for fast cash – want to learn to flip your master leases and/or options? We’ve got you covered there, too. I’ll share the simple process, my assignment agreements (that don’t require owner approval) and show you how to price them to provide big value to your buyers and maximum profit for you.

So, What's a System Like This Worth to You?

Think of this way… when you acquire just ONE 25-unit property each month, you’re just 12 months away from having 300 units in your cash-flowing, multifamily portfolio.

At a minimum of $50 per unit every month NET CASH to you, you’ll be making $15,000 a MONTH.

Imagine how that will feel to celebrate with your friends and family!


When you attend the Master Lease Option Implementation Intensive, we have a couple bonuses that will really make it plug and play simple for you to get started including...

• MLO Deal Dashboard Software to crunch the numbers, automate your letters of intent and show you in real time whether it’s a good deal or not. ($197 value)

• MLO Contracts & Agreements Package including master lease agreement, option agreement, assignment agreements, Flash Report and seller scripts. ($1,997 value)


So, right about now you’re probably thinking “This sounds AWESOME! I wonder what my investment is to attend.”

The MLO Implementation Intensive is $4,999.

And it’s worth every penny.

$50 in profit for every unit acquired adds up fast!

On just 300 units that small investment nets you $180,000 a YEAR!

That's a 3,502% return on your investment!

Look, you can spend $4,999 on the next real estate investing “event” with the “guru of the month” who will talk at you for 3 days then try to sell you a $25,000 coaching package granting you the “privilege” of speaking with a 22 year old call center employee in Utah who has never even invested in real estate.

OR... can spend 3 days with us to lock up an apartment investment producing a minimum of $50 per door every single month.

Get a few buildings under master lease and you’ll make 100% of your investment back in ONE MONTH.

(You can’t beat a 100% ROI in one month anywhere.)

That’s the GOOD news.

Here’s the BAD news.

Because this is an implementation intensive where Bill and I work closely with each attendee for all three days, we only have room for 10 attendees.

In other words, if you wait… you will not get a seat.

And we have no plans to host this event again.

So, no justifying indecision with the thought that you can just take it the next time I offer it.

Because that won’t happen.

And you know as well as I do that the ability to make decisions quickly is one of the keys to success in this business.

This is an IMPLEMENTATION event.


You will talk with sellers, you will crunch numbers, you will submit letters of intent, and may even sign master leases and option agreements in the 3 days we’re together.

We Have You Covered Here, Too

You have 30 days after your purchase to request a full refund of your ticket price. Beyond that, attend day one of the event and if you decide it's not for you, no problem. I'll refund your ticket price and you can head on home. The ticket becomes non-refundable after day one of the event.

Click the “Add to Cart” button right now to get one of the 10 seats before they sell out and you miss out on starting YOUR commercial investing business with our personal guidance and support!

See you in September!

P.S. Investing in an implementation intensive like this cuts months (even years) off the learning curve of doing it yourself.

If you decide not to attend this event, you can still pursue master lease option investing. It will just take you much longer and you won’t have the benefit of having two pros standing beside you feeding you the answers every step of the way.

So if SPEED, 1 on 1 SUPPORT and RESULTS are important to you, click here to enroll right now.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What if I don't have any commercial investing or property management experience?

Can I invest in my own area? I'm nervous about investing in a property outside my market.

What if I have no clue how to analyze commercial properties?

Will this work with commercial properties other than apartment buildings?

Can my partner come to the event, too?

What do I bring to the event?

Where and when is the event?

Still Have Questions?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have! Just send your email to and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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